Monday, February 8, 2010

First Post

There are so many blogs out there. We constantly search for new ones, but there arent any that we can really relate to. We dont have hundreds of dollars to spend on new outfits that we can take pictures of daily. We arent seven foot tall glamazons that know the right people and are always in the right place at the right time. However we can post the good, the bad, and the most amusing moments of our average not so special lives. Our goal is to be amusing and to shed some light on some issues that average girls (and boys) come across.

Exhibit A:

The Orange Girls

They know who they are. The girl that is always at the tanning bed. The girl that cant leave the house without ten pounds of bronzer. The most of the time thicker tag along girl that tries to keep up with the leader of their pack. The girl that when blowing her nose finds that their tissue is now a shade of brown. The girl that used to have sleepovers with you in third grade but now will have nothing to do with you. Even though they try to be nice to your face you know in your little unspray tanned heart that she hates you. They are the ones that constantly rip on people that are like us. (The pale weird girls, that do not i repeat do not tan) Basically the girl that hates people like us.

Exhibit B

Sylvia & Briana. The girls that dont give a shit. We wear whatever we want, and do whatever we want,. The girls that stray as far as they can from societys standards. The girls that when friday night rolls around have a ritual. Get dressed, find money, pick up some colt 45 & cigarettes, & make our way to the party. You can find us drunk by 11, losing our car keys (among other things) hit on by every creep in the city, & stumbling home falling asleep fully clothed. We are known by many to be trouble.